Champion Programs

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World Leadership Institute, through its Champion Programs Division, offers a number of programs   to help each individual live a life that not only has purpose but has the ability to power to a new set of outcomes. 

Living as a Champion will enrich your life by helping you find the delight of your heart.  It will help you build a foundation through Discovery, a framework for future Direction and Develop yourself to have the power to make it happen.

This program is offered in three way. Click on the link below to view more information and register for the course.  DO NOT REGISTER for more than one.

On Line Self-Study

Live Seminars

On Line Using Go to Meeting

(The On Line Go To Meeting class will meet on line using Go To Meeting weekly.  You do not need any special software.  To view system requirements for Go To Meeting click here.


Spiritual Champion provides you with a deeper spiritual connection.  It will enrich your life in this important area.

World Leadership Institute offers other Champion Programs that will assist individuals.

Learning as a Champion is designed to help young people prepare for college.  This is a necessary guide book that tells the student insights about preparing and attending college that you won’t find in other programs.  Coupled with Living as a Champion this program sets the stage for a successful college career but more importantly for a successful life after college.

 Champion Leadership provides a new look as leadership as an act rather than a position.  This program makes a distinction between leadership and administration which places leadership in its proper position.  This program not only provides an understanding of the difference but a deep understanding on how to use each successfully in providing direction in any situation.

Champion Sales is a new way to look at the selling program.  In this program, each person will come to a deep understanding that sales is a process of satisfying others needs.  It is not forching them to buy.  Therefore, sales done in this way is a gift you provide to others.  Using the seven step process this program not only increases sales ability but makes it a natural function for everyone to follow.