Champion Programs – On Line

World Leadership Institute, through its Champion Programs Division, offers a number of on-line programs.  These programs are designed to be used by the participant over several weeks.  The online programs allow you to move forward at your own pace as you realize real changes and improvements.

We also offer webinars on a regular basis for each program.  These webinars do not substitute for the material available on this website.  They are open discussions with and among the participants about their progress in the program.  Once you have registered for the program, you will receive a schedule of the webinars.  You may attend any or all of the webinars as part of the program.

Remember, the degree to which you are able to make progress in any of the programs is directly related to the amount of effort you are willing to put forth.  Make certain you schedule your time to work on making a difference in your life.

The program is set up such that you can move back to review any lessons you desire.  Do not rush the process.  This is not about gaining knowledge but rather about making fundamental changes in your life.

If you have not yet registered for a program, click on the “register” to the right.

If you have registered there is a log in to the right.  Log in using the screen name and password you selected during registration for the program for which you are registered.

Once you have registered, the programs for which you are registered will be listed to the right.  Click on that program to begin.

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