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You may log on using the name and password you set up when you registered for a program by using the log-in box the right.  Just enter your log-in name and password.  This will take you to a page that will show the programs in which you are enrolled.  Clicking on the program title highlighted will take you to the program.


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If you are already using a Champion Program or have used one in the past and wish to purchase another program, when you arrive at the registration form after paying for your course on pay pal, do not complete that form.  Click instead on “Existing Member” That will allow you to use only one registration for all your programs.  If you complete the form, you will have a new log-in name and Password for that program.


The programs available at this time are listed below.

 Personal Life Development Programs

For more information on any one of these Personal Life Development programs, click on the cover  of the program in which you are interested.  The specific program page from our WLi-Solutions web-site will come up with more information.  At the bottom of that page, you will find the BUY NOW button.  Once you pay for the program, you will be directed to that lesson page.  The next time you log in you will be taken to a page that will have the link to the programs for which you are registered.

Note: WLi-Solutions is the parent organization of Champion Programs.  You may wish to browse the site for more information.

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  Business Development Programs

The programs below are delivered in several different ways.  First, they may be delivered in a classroom only format.  Second, they may be delivered in a classroom format with online supplemental material.  Third, they may be delivered either in a classroom or online.  Fourth they may be offered by webinar.   If you are interested in learning more about these programs,  please click on the cover of that program below for more information.  Clicking on the cover will take you to WLi-Solution’s website.

Note: WLi-Solutions is the parent organization of Champion Programs.  You may wish to browse the site for more information.

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