Learning as a Champion

Are you are considering college as part of your life goals?

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Making the commitment to use several years of your life to engage in college is a major step. A step that must be made based on fact, not emotion!

College requires major commitments from you. 

The time college requires from you is the time you could have used to produce funds that would support your life in other ways. That lost time is referred to as opportunity cost.  Are you ready to invest in college for your future?  Is college worth passing up opportunities today?  You must answer those questions realistically and honestly!

What if you don’t attend college?

Considering what you could do if you didn’t go to college must be a factor in making your decision.  You should consider college only when you can describe the real value college will provide to your future.  Graduating from college must produce a return on the investment you will make.

The fact is, not everyone should attend college. Some life goals are better satisfied by attending a trade school while others may engage in an apprenticeship program to become a profession.  The question is, what is best for your future?

Learning as a Champion not only helps you answer those questions but also helps you prepare to engage in college should you decide to make that commitment.

 You must ask the question as to what is best for your future?  This is not about what someone else thinks – it is about your future!

As you consider college, here are questions you must consider.

How much return on the investment can I expect from the investment I will be making in both time and money?

How important is attaining a college degree to ME?

Am I certain the college I am considering has the ability to deliver the education I need to be successful in life?

Does the college I have chosen use the teaching methodologies, have the programs, utilize the grading system and employ the term length that best fits me?

Am I prepared emotionally and intellectually to engage in the required class work in a way that ensures I receive the greatest possible return on MY investment?

To Learn as a Champion means you must be equipped to produce positive, predictable and sustainable results in each class you attend.  What you do in any class today,  will directly affect your life tomorrow.

You must remember that you are purchasing an opportunity to develop yourself as you reach successful outcomes throughout your life! Success requires your commitment and dedication  NOW.

As a Champion Student

YOU must engage to make a difference in your life!


Many excuses are given for why students fail to succeed while in college. Here are some of the most important reasons I have observed during my time working in higher education from instructor to Chancellor.  As you look over this list, notice that being academically prepared is not included.  Colleges do a reasonable job of screening out those who are not academically prepared.  What is below is however not screened and represents the most critical issues affecting student success.

Students have not learned to Master their Time!

Students have not learned to plan effectively and, more importantly, to translate those plans into positive actions!

Students have not determined what matters most in their life!

Students lack a life plan that defines how college fits into those life outcomes.

Students fail to understand the college as a business.  They must be aware that they are buying services from the college just as they do when they buy a cell phone or a laptop, except that the cost of college is considerably more.

Cost Vs Value

The concern you should have about your education is not the cost, but rather you should be concerned about the value you receive and the ability you will have to bring a positive return on your investment.  College is an investment in your future.  You should only invest in college when you can anticipate a real return on the funds you invest.  

An important point you must always keep in mind is that the value you receive is directly related to the degree to which you commit and engage to excel in your studies while in college.  

Through dedicated engagement, you will produce value for your future.  You will have a positive return on the investment you make. Because of the actual value you receive, the cost of college will become immaterial as you begin to realize a real return on that investment.

If you fail to engage in the opportunities college provides, then the cost will be a life burden.  You will have invested time and money but have received little or no value on the investment made.    

If you are going to be a Champion Student, you must take college seriously from your first thoughts of attending to your step away from that college after graduation.

You must realize that the investment you make in college is great.  Therefore you must fully engage in every class to make the experience produce the results your desire for your life.

The time to prepare for your college experience

is before you enroll in college!


The Learning as a Champion program will help you set yourself on a course that will ensure you achieve and maintain success from picking a college, to excelling while in college and preparing yourself to bring success to your life throughout your life. You will see college as an important stepping stone, not as the time to have fun and enjoy the activities.  

Here is a list of topics covered in this program:

  1. Introduction
  2. Life After College
  3. Planning for College
  4. Preparing for Tomorrow
  5. Six Axioms of Life
  6. Teaching Learning Styles
  7. Education
  8. The College’s Responsibility
  9. The Student Responsibility
  10. Understanding the Teaching Learning Style
  11. Building Each Class for Success
  12. Using Facts and Beliefs Effectively
  13. Asking all the Right Questions
  14. Critical Thinking Skills
  15. Goal-Directed Action
  16. Time Mastery
  17. Communication
  18. Team Development
  19. Project Management
  20. Selecting a College
  21. Funding College
  22. Summary


College Return on Investment Calculator

When you enroll in the program, you will have continual access to our exclusive College Return on Investment Calculator. This Calculator will allow you to estimate your return on investment for the cost of college.  It is a very helpful tool to determine what value colleges will bring to your life. As you make decisions about college either before or during your college career, it will help you make the best decision as it relates to the financial aspects of that decision.

This calculator is a very helpful tool that will help you determine what value colleges will bring to your life. As you make decisions about college either before or during your college career, it will help you make the best decision as it relates to the financial aspects of that decision.

Course Development Form

It is critical to your success that you take each course seriously. You will be provided with a Dynamic Course Development Form once you are enrolled in the program. This Form will help you approach each course with your return on investment in mind. It will put you in charge of ensuring that you receive real benefit from each course. Remember it is your money and your time that is being spent on that course. You have a right to expect a return on that investment.

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