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Our founder has written three novels.  Please feel free to browse by clicking on any title.  That will provide you with a description and price as well as how to order if you choose to do so.

Business Books

These books are used in our various programs that you can review by clicking home above.  

Please feel free to browse the books by clicking on the cover.  That will provide you with a description and price as well as how to order.

Personal Development Books

These books are designed to help individuals improve their life situation.  A champion is defined as a person who produces positive, predictable and sustainable outcomes in their life and in the lives of others.  These materials will help you become a champion in your life.

Children’s Book

“When my son was five years old, I commissioned a graphic artist to produce a book of some of our favcbcove102113flattenedfront-onlyorite story characters we had made up over the years.  
Later, after a move, I found the pages the artist had made in a notebook.  I decided to put them in a book for others to enjoy and as a legacy of all those great times we had creating the characters and stories.  

I would recommend this process to all parents!  Find an illustrator that will work with you and transform those make believe characters that only kids can have into a reality.  If you are like me, the characters were not what I expected.  The cost was not excessive if you find the right person and the result is priceless.  My son is now a father with his own children making these characters now a legacy rather than to be lost in the history of time.  Click on the cover to the left to review the book and if you choose there will be a means to purchase a copy.” 

Larry G. Patten