Our Founder


Dr. Larry G. Patten’s professional career includes over forty years in leadership, administration, and management in a broad range of fields including technology, education, government, as well as commercial and public broadcasting. He has also started several companies and has provided consulting programs and services with both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Dr. Patten’s career began in high school when, at the age of sixteen, he started a custom audio recording company. At that time, this was a “cutting edge business” based on what was a new emerging technology of audio recorders and condenser microphones. By the time he graduated from high school,  he had built the company to be the largest custom phonograph record company in Iowa and shortly after graduation obtained a franchise with Century Records.

In 1968, he joined Kirkwood Community College as an instructor teaching electronics, English, and business practices. Five years after beginning his teaching assignment, he accepted his first administrative position at Kirkwood heading up the development of some of the world’s first individualized instruction and distant learning programs in the country. 

In 1981, he became CEO of Iowa Public Television.  In this position, he reported to a board of trustees charged with the responsibility to govern the network.  In 1982 he was appointed to serve on the Governor’s Cabinet.

After serving at Iowa Public Television he moved to serve as Vice President of Digital Network Services of Teleconnect Company.  During this time, Mr. Patten developed some of the first long line fiber optic telecommunications systems in the country.  He had the responsibility not just for the development of the network but also for the marketing and sales for the division.

In 1987, he was asked by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa to design and develop the technical concept  for the Iowa Communications Network, which is now built and serving Iowa.  It was also his responsibility to develop the enabling legislation and to shepherd its passage.  

Mr. Patten has served as president of a commercial broadcasting company. He has held various administrative positions in colleges and universities.  He served as president of a for-profit college. In his last position before retiring in 2009, he served as the Chancellor of a University.

Mr. Patten has served as a consultant to agencies of both state and federal governments as well as many for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He was a major contributor to Linking for Learning: A New Course for Education, a project for the Congressional Office of Technical Assessment. Mr. Patten, at the request of the Soviet Union Government, prepared and presented a paper on the use of technology in education and its effect on the social order.  The paper was presented to the Soviet officials in Moscow in 1989.

Along with helping organizations with their performance improvement and development around the concepts contained in his book Strategic Organizational Development, Mr. Patten also provides numerous seminars.

Larry received both his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his Master’s degree in Administration from the University of Iowa.  He was also privileged to attend the Summer Writers Workshop held at the University of Iowa.  He earned a Doctorate in Divinity in 2015.

Dr. Patten and his wife of 53 years have four children and nine grandchildren.