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Many organizations participate in leadership development to assist their executive team and others to become more effective leaders.

Most often, these courses provide lectures with a few hypothetical “case study” exercises. What if there were a leadership development program that collected information from your organization  allowing your team to work together to solve real world problems within your organization as they develop their team, leadership and administrative skills!      

 Now there is!  

World Leadership Institute’s Champion Leadership program is designed to infuse a new sense of leadership, while focusing on the development of their abilities to exercise decisive administration.  Many people equate leadership with administration.  However, leadership and administration are each part of a total picture of what it takes to be an effective executive.


Leadership is the ability to help others release the best they have within them.  Administration works to provide  frameworks of operations within which employees can carry out the needed activities.  Leadership is concerned with motivation and setting the right culture within which the organization’s employees in order to maximize their productive.


Administration focuses on ensuring needed action takes place within an established framework.  It brings coordination to all activities to ensure the final outcome is the one desired.   This cultural framework in which administration takes place is developed through effective leadership.  Administration includes the acts of management and supervision.  In the process of administration the employee works through systems and process to define, direct and evaluate outcomes for executing needed tasks that produce outcomes deigned to propel the organization to success.


Your executive team must be an aligned on critical issues such that they can be an effectively functioning element of your organization.   The Champion Leadership program focuses on that alignment as well as the importance of the individual’s role as a member of the team.

The Three Elements of Organizational Success

Having all three of elements – Leadership – Administration – Effective Team Work, at work in your organization is essential.  Understanding one without the other will cause the organization to fail in its goal of reaching the highest level of success possible.   Desired outcomes will become a dream rather than a reality.   Only an executive who knows how to effectively integrate and utilize  these critical elements can  bring the organization to champion status by giving it the employees the strength and determination to produces positive, predictable and sustainable outcomes.

Effective Time Mastery

Everyone uses some type of calendar to schedule and manage their activities.  Most commonly this activity is referred to as “time management.”  What is happening is that the calendar is managing YOU!

To be an effective executive, it is critical that the individual be capable of mastering their time not just managing a calendar.  

Mastering Time is about setting out a process whereby you time is driven by the goals you establish.

Our Goal Directed Action Process coupled with Effective Time Mastery ensures that the Executive team works together as champions to produce positive, predictable and sustainable results.

Just as investing money is critical in anyone’s financial condition, so how time is invested is critical to ensuring successful outcomes.

Our Champion Leadership Program contains an integrated program on Effective Time Mastery. Each participant has on-line web-based material to use for reinforcement and review.

The Program

The Champion Leadership program provides strong content in LEADERSHIP, ADMINISTRATION, AND TEAM DYNAMICS along with an EFFECTIVE TIME MASTER program.

Performance Scan 

Unlike most leadership programs that provide fictitious case studies to emulate what the executives will face,  our Champion Leadership Program is focused directly to your organization’s needs. Using data from your organization obtained by our exclusive PERFORMANCE SCAN SOFTWARE, we make this program a real life experience which brings REAL positive outcomes for your organization as the participants increase their leadership capabilities, their administrative skills and they team dynamics!

This Performance Scan gathers data from all your employees helping executives determine and align on areas of your organization that are operating effectively, as well as determining those areas where additional attention is required.  They then use this information to bring real world circumstances to their development as a strong and effective leadership team.  Using actual information from your organization makes the leadership, administrative and team development real and exciting.


Not only does the team improve in its ability to work effectively toward common outcomes, but they solve real problems and set new direction for the organization.


We start with an organizational scan thought our Performance Scan followed by two days of discussion with the executive team that aligns the team on what matters most.  These two days set the stage for the leadership development program that takes place over the next 8 to 10 weeks.  During that time, the organization’s executive team will work together to apply what they learn each week.  They will meet with a WLi facilitator every week for ninety-minutes.  During that time they will review progress and set the stage for the next weeks activities and engage in discussions about effective leadership, supervision and management.  This process will bring an understanding of the power of the application of leadership through executive alignment, and effective team dynamics.

Two Day Performance Scan Exercise

  1. Your executive group will have significantly improved their ability to function as an effective team that produces positive outcomes continually.
  2. Your executive group will understand and be able to utilize the power of alignment.
  3. Your executive group will understand how to build a framework for producing improved and more productive outcomes.
  4. Your executive group will understand the application of both leadership and administration in developing a Champion Organization.
  5. You executive group will have a new understanding of Time Mastery and its role in Leadership and Administration.
  6. Your organization will experience the analysis of real organizational issues and the joy of working to together to develop real solutions to those issues that are defined through this scan process.  Not only will the Champion Leadership program produce more effective executives, but it will provide actual positive results within the organization that will create a sense of positive expectations among all the employees.

Eight – Ten Week Leadership Development Section

  1. Spreading this over eight weeks provides the leadership team time to “practice” what they learn in each session.
  2. The discussions each week center not only on learning new material, but in discussion how they are effectively addressing issues that were discovered in the two day Performance Scan process.
  3. Through our process of Spaced Repetition, we help to infuse effective habits of thinking that ensures that progress continues after the program.
  4. Working as a group, the executive team becomes more adept at working together as a dynamic team to solve problems and  capture future opportunities.

Click here for the ELD Syllabus for the Eight Week Program.

Program Material

We provide the following material as part of this program

  1.  Performance Scan material
  2. Online Leadership Development Program
  3. Online Time Mastery Material
  4. Champion Leadership Development Material
  5. Effective Organizational Leadership Course Material
  6. Life interaction and/or Interactive Webinar Instruction


Now is the time for you to improve your executive team performance and bring your organization to new levels of success.

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