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You receive six months of access to over 40 videos as well as the ability to read the book Champion Leadership using our full-screen online reader.   You also have access to a free webinar discussion group.

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All of the above is only $1.99 and you receive 90 days of access.

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Information About the Program

Many organizations participate in leadership development to assist their executive team and others to become more effective at the art of setting the culture and providing direction.

Our Champion Leadership Development program is designed to infuse a new sense of leadership while developing a greater ability to exercise decisive administration.   

Many people equate leadership with administration.  However, leadership and administration are each part of a total part of what it takes to be an effective executive.


Leadership is the art of releasing the best within others whereas administration provides a framework for operations within which employees can carry out their activities.  Leadership is concerned with motivation and culture within which the employees can be most productive.


Administration focuses on ensuring that needed actions within an established framework are carried out.  Administration includes the acts of management and supervision.  In the process of administration, the employee works through systems and processes to define, direct, and evaluate outcomes for executing needed tasks that produce outcomes designed to propel the organization to success.

Integration of Leadership and Administration

Integrating both Leadership and Administration into an effective package ensures the executive is best equipped to provide proper direction and support to the employees and the organization.

This Champion Leadership program provides each participant with the opportunity to learn about leadership as well as understand the critical relationship leadership has with administration.  

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Click here to enroll in this program.  The cost is only $1.99 for ninety days of access to all the material.  

List of Topics Covered

(Each lesson and topic have an associated video.)

Historical Perspective
  • Connecting to History
  • Leadership in Past Societies
Champion Leaders
  • Qualities of a Champion Leader
  • Describing a Champion Leader
Becoming a Champion Leader
  • Power and Authority
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Self Actualization
  • Self-Esteem
Styles of Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Transformation
  • Administrative Styles
  • Autocratic Style
  • Bureaucratic Style
  • Charismatic Style
  • Laissez-Faire Style
  • Participative Style
  • Relationship-Oriented Style
  • Task-Oriented Administrative Style
  • Transactional Style
  • Situational Style
Effective Communications
  • Distortion
  • Listening
  • Feedback
Organizational Culture
  • Redefining the Organizational Culture
  • Executive Attitude
  • Making Changes to Culture
The Administrator’s Role
  • Organization Structure and Operations
  • Long Term Planning
Decision-Making Techniques
  • Decision Making Traps
Critical Thinking Skills
Asking All the Right Questions
Effective Execution


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