Champion Selling Introduction


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All of the above is only $5 and you receive full 60 days of access.

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Program Information


Being a champion is defined as participating in an endeavor where you achieve Positive, Predictable, and Sustainable outcomes.  Our Champion Selling Program prepares you to deliver exactly that in your selling process.  You will obtain positive results, you will be able to predict your outcomes and you will be able to sustain your efforts.

Champion Selling is more than knowing how to manage a sales schedule and overcoming objections.  Our program provides a methodology where there will be NO OBJECTIONS at the sales closing step!

Seven Level Champion Selling Process

This Champion Selling Program follows our exclusive Seven-Level Champion Selling Process.  Your sales staff will use this process to determine a prospect’s needs.  They will then know how to satisfy those needs and meet their wants with your products and/or services.

This program provides your organization with a Consistent Selling Process.   

The Champion Selling program will teach your sales staff to:

  • Better plan their sales calls to be more effective and eliminate rejected proposals.
  • Improve their ability to build a strong prospect relationship.
  • Know how to ask all the right questions to determine the needs your product or service can satisfy.
  • Bring agreement on the need.
  • Perfect their ability to make presentations that do not tell but inform the prospect in a way that connects directly to their defined need.
  • Close each sale more effectively increasing their closing rate.
  • Use a technique to prevent buyer’s remorse.
  • Use a process to continually improve their ability to improve their performance.
  • Keep the sales process on target with the desired outcome.

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List of Lessons and Topics Included.

Champion Selling – Culture

Developing a Company Selling Culture

The Sales Professional

Developing a Systematic Selling Process

Everyone is Always Selling

Defining Selling

Finding the Sales Lead

Understanding the Concept of Territory

The Sales Process

Understanding Needs and Wants

Facilitating the Desired Outcome

Importance of Alignment

Selling as Teamwork

Building Lasting Relationships

The Buying Sequence

Step One in the Sequence

Step Two in the Sequence

Step Three in the Sequence

Step Four in the Sequence

Sales Contacts

Understanding Cost of Sale

Seven Step Sales Call Framework

The Sales Framework Steps

Step 1 – Plan the Call

Step 2 – Build the Relationship

Step 3 – Ask “Need” Questions

Step 4 – Agreement on Need

Step 5 – Presentation

Step 6 – Move to Action

Step 7 – Confirmation1

The Twelve Commandments of Champion Selling

Application Workbook Section

Establishing the Sales Framework for the Company

Defining the Customer

Listening for Critical Words or Phrases

Connecting Your Product to the Need

Developing the ABC‘s

Overview of the Seven-Step Sales Process

Step 1 – Plan the Call 

Step 2 – Build the Relationship

Step 3 – Ask the Right Questions

Step 4 – Agree on Need

Step 5 – Presentation

Step 6 – Move to Action

Step 7 – Confirmation

Continual Improvement 

Role Playing