Champion Time Mastery Support Material

Coaching and Webinar Programs

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Champion Time Mastery Calendar System

Unlike many programs, you do not need to purchase a physical calendar to learn the process of Champion Time Mastery.  The material below will allow you to get started with the program.  You can continue to use this material, use it in conjunction with other systems, use an electronic system or devise your own. What is important is that you learn to follow the process outlined in this program.  I sincerely recommend you download a 30 day complete set and use it for that period.  That will help you form the habits of thought you need to ensure you succeed at mastering your time.  After you have formed the habits, transfer them to whatever system you wish to use.

Below are links to individual pages of the Champion Time Mastery System. Below these links is the ability to print a 30 day or 90 day set of all the form.  Use the 30 or 90 day link only if you plan to use the program for that period of time.  

Mastering Time Monthly Planning 

Mastering Time Weekly Planning

Mastering Time Daily Planning 

Events and Call Form 

Meeting Agenda Form

Mastering Time Notes Form  

You may also click on the link below to download a 30 day set of the above forms.

30 day Complete Set 

You may click on the link below to download a 90 day set of the forms above.

90 day Complete Set 


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