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Attending college can cost an individual or family  $38,185 for private, 22,698 for the public state, and 10,338 for in-state public college.  You might think that is for four years of education but it is per year!  Let’s suppose you start and then decide to change.  Any change in your education experience will increase those costs making those costs possibly double that amount.

Be Prepared

It is therefore critical that a student be prepared to attend college.  Unfortunately, many students spend more energy determining the cell phone they want than they do the college they will attend.

How to be Prepared

This material is provided to ensure those planning to further their education are prepared to engage more effectively in the college experience.  In writing this book I used my experience as a teacher, administrator, and chancellor of a university to provide the student and their family with some inside information on how to make the decision on college, how to work more effectively, as well as how to make college count.  It is my hope that you will use this material to make the most cost-effective decisions regarding your educational experiences.  


In today’s world, competition is high.  To be successful, the college you choose must provide real value.  If you make the best decision on whether to attend college, pick the right college if you decide on that course, and engage in the work outlined in each class,  you will rise above the competition and have positive life outcomes.

To obtain value, you must be focused on gaining a return on your investment for every course, class, and event you experience in college.  Your experiences in college must be the catalyst that brings your dreams into reality.

To achieve your dreams, you must fully engage in every aspect of your college life. Through the opportunities presented to you while attending college, you must remember that each experience is a step toward achieving what you desire tomorrow, not about fulfilling the wants of today!


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