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Welcome to Living as a Champion.

If you are to gain maximum benefit from this program you must be willing to accept that life change does not happen quickly.   You may have already become frustrated with quick fix seminar programs that guarantee success in a short time, but provide nothing over the long term.  This is NOT one of those programs!

Remember this:

There is no easy road to anywhere worth going.

 This program is not an easy road.  You must be willing to work diligently over time to make the changes in your life that will make a lasting and positive difference.  I recommend you complete one lesson every two days or even every week.  Pacing the material out in this manner will allow you to integrate what you learn into your life. 

During the time between your lessons, you should practice what you learned.  In this way, it will become a habit that will be embedded in what you do.  This will cause these new positive outcomes to be sustainable throughout your life.  Knowing is not enough, it is all about practice, practice, and more practice.

You will be able to move through some lessons quickly, others will take more time and effort.  Remember this is not a book you read or videos you watch, this is a program that you integrate into your life every day. As you develop the Framework made up of your purpose, principles, pathways, and partners you need to make certain that you are making those a solid foundation for your future.

Making this program a part of your life every day is critical to bringing sustainable change to your life.  

Watch each video lesson multiple times and read the text several times.  If you have purchased the book write in it and make notes if not take notes in a tablet.  The purpose of taking notes is not to have something to reference later but to reinforce the concepts you are learning.  Taking notes while you listen and read will result in greater retention and absorption of the material.     

Champion Time Mastery

One of the most important elements of becoming a champion of your life is learning to master your time.   Mastering your time is not about some calendaring system.  It is about learning to master your time whatever you do.  We provide this program along with Living as a Champion to ensure you can be successful. 

I recommend that you take the Champion Time Mastery as you take this class. 


Please click here to enroll in the Champion Time Mastery Course.  


  LivLAC-Front-webing as a Champion Book

 You may purchase a copy of the book by clicking here.


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