Champion Time Mastery

Do you know the difference between Managing Your Time and Mastering your time?

Learn the important difference in this program!

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What is included in the program?

You receive three months of access to over 15 videos and the ability to read the book Champion Time Mastery online.

What does Champion Selling cost?

All of the above is only $1 and you receive full 60 days of access.

Is there a Book Available?

Yes, if you would prefer to have a bound copy of the book, you may purchase the book Champion Selling from Amazon by Clicking Here.

Program Information

You are given 32,000,000 seconds every year.  These seconds are the most important commodity you have.  There is no way for you to create more time.  You can only use what you have wisely.

This program prepares you to be the MASTER OF YOUR TIME.

Champion Time Mastery will not teach you a special calendaring system that you must purchase over and over!  Rather, Champion Time Mastery teaches you concepts you will use with any calendar or device you choose.

Enrolling in the program will provide you with:

  1. Over fifteen video lessons that you can use as much as you would like for three months.
  2. Downloadable practice Time Mastery System exercises at no cost.
  3. Time Mastery Book you can read online through our full-page reader.


If you do wish to register for this program, click here and complete the form.  We will notify you of when the next class will begin.  Enrollment in each session is limited. 

List of Lessons and Topics Included


Right Time or Best Time

Value of Time

Living with Purpose


Time Mastery vs. Time Management

Building the Seven Pillars of Time Mastery

Pillar One – Close Out Each Day

Pillar Two – Plan for Tomorrow

Piller Three – Weekly Activities

Piller Four – Notepad System

Piller Five – Events and Calls

Pillar Six Meeting Agendas

Pillar Seven Track Progress