Time Mastery

Many of us fail to realize how valuable our time is.  We become so focused on our pocketbook that we fail to realize that it is how we use our time that produces that income that is in our pocketbook.  Without time, we have nothing.

Some will suggest that what you need to do is buy a calendar system and manage your time.  That simply is not enough!  You must build a system that includes a calendar with which you MASTER your time.

The two topics in this lesson will show you what you need to do in order to become a real master of your time.  Each year you have over 32,000,000 seconds.  What you do with them determines the type of life you are going to have.  In the first topic, you will learn the basic concepts of mastering your time.  In the second topic, you are going to learn now to use the Seven Pillars of Good Time Mastery to ensure you have charge of those 32,000,000 seconds in your life.

Of all the lessons in this program, this is the one you must review until you have it totally functional within your life.  The only way to be able to Master Your Time is to practice, practice and then practice some more.