Our Process

Our process involves a number of important concepts to ensure that you do not just learn the material but that you integrate it into your life!  Our goal is not to instruct, but to involve; not to teach, but to facilitate; not to prescribe, but to open new doors.

This is not an easy quick program.  It takes time energy and involvement.  Just remember this, done properly, this program will change your life so you produce more positive predictable outcomes.

Remember – There is no easy road to anywhere worth going!

Facilitated Learning

This is not a lecture program.  It is a facilitated learning process.  We assume that those who take this program do so because they sincerely want to make changes to their life situation.  We, therefore, expect each person to participate in the process and work each day to integrate changes in their life.

Common Building Blocks

We use certain building blocks of success that are in each of our programs.  The universal concepts can be used in each person’s life no matter what the situation a person faces.

Transferability of Understanding

We work to ensure that each person transfers the understandings they gain in the program to their life.

Spaced Repetition

We work to ensure that what is learned in the program become habits of thought.


It has been found that using more than one sensory stimulus helps to embed the learning within an individual.  We use multisensory learning.  We provide videos, written material, and interactive learning.


This website contains videos and interactive programs that are supplemental to our online webinar class as listed below.

Each class is conducted in an online webinar format lasting from 40 – 90 minutes.

There is a reading requirement for each session.

There is an expectation of participation in the webinar.

The time of the class is determined during the first session.  We will work to find a time that works for all participants.

The participants will have access to the online material located here that will help reinforce learning while in the webinar. Each person will have access to the material for three months following registration in the program.